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Expomax Annually Trip to ZheJiang LinAn



Trip to ZheJiang LinAn--- Activity of 6th anniversary of EXPOMAX (CHINA) ADVERTISING DISPLAY LIMITED

Unconsciously, Expomax has gone through six years. The stuff voted for the trip to ZheJiang LinAn to celebrate the 6th anniversary.

First stop--- Drifting on Liangyuan gorge

In order to take photos of drifting, many colleagues’ phone were took in the water. But everyone was so excited. We bought many scoops and water guns to have water wars while drifting. We felt very cool after drifting and thought that Liangyuan gorge is really a good place for summer.


Second stop--- Qingshan Lake

The guide introduced that YaoMing and YeLi were taking wedding photographs beside Qingshan Lake. We made a boat trip and enjoyed the beautiful scenes passed by.

We took a group photo here .

We took a rest after the happy day and prepared for the next day’s activities.  

Third stop--- Shenlongchuan

The bus climbed the twisting mountain road slowly and finally arrived. We took a group photo in front of the gate.

The development activities started and we were divided into three groups. The first

one would be awarded 3000 yuan. We try our best to compete for the prize and finally we got the third place and got the consolation prize.


What impressed me most is a game called GuDongRenXin. In the beginning,we can only play three. However, we can play thirty nine after practise.

It was very interesting for the next games.


 The development activities make us aware the importance of good team work and bring our hearts closer.

The seventh year of Expomax, let's work hard together!



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