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    • Green Screen Backdrop
    • Green Screen Backdrop
    • Green Screen Backdrop
    • Green Screen Backdrop
    • Green Screen Backdrop
Green Screen Backdrop
About this item: ● Large 5ft by 7ft, perfect for headshots or 3/4 shots. ● Perfect for when you need to cut out the background. ● Folds up into a third of its size. Comes with carrying case ● OPEN UP AND PUT AWAY IN SECONDS: The spring steel frame has a unique twist-fold design allowing you to open and fold the background in seconds. The background folds down to the size of a pizza, making it a breeze to carry and store. Carrying case included. ● [HANGING TABS] Stitched around the frame are three hanging tabs, allowing for both vertical and horizontal suspension. Using the tabs, the backdrop can be hung via hooks, light stands or other fixtures, adapting itself to the needs of the location and your photoshoot. The frame can also be easily rested against a wall or upright surface to provide an instant backdrop.
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Product description

This double sided Chromakey background is the professional solution for both video and photography when you want to cut your subject out of the background and add any other background of your choice, which can either be a scene that you've shot, or one of the thousands of digital backgrounds that are available. You need this choice of blue or green because there needs to be a color contrast between your subject and the background. As an example, if your subject is wearing a blue top, you need the green side and if they are wearing a green top then you need the blue side. This large 5'x7' folding background is perfect for head shots or 3/4 shots, and wide enough for a couple or even a small group, when turned sideways. The hanging loop to secure the background to anything.

Product Information

ColorGreen,Blue,White,Black or custom color 
FeatureAbsorb the light and help eliminate reflection                                                                                           
Completely Seamless, made from one piece of material
Easy to carry, easy operation
MOQ5 pcs for Collapsible Screen Photography Backdrop
PackageNylon Carry Bag


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