Soap Dispenser
Are you looking for a way to maintain a healthier workplace or school environment while stop absenteeism due to illness? Take advantage of our soap dispensers to reduce the spread of germs with floor standing stations, covered countertop or wall mounted dispensers. Take preventative actions into your own hands to stop the spread of the flu virus, common cold, and harmful bacteria.


Barrier Shield
Protect yourself and others from the novel coronavirus with a protective sneeze guard and safety barrier solutions. Acrylic sneeze guards help maintain social distancing and physical separation while providing protection from splashes, sprays, coughs, and sneezes, especially in high-traffic areas where cross-contamination is a concern.
The neck gaiters are made of Silk Spandex Polyester. The silk spandex is smooth cool and comfortable - perfect for warmer weather. It can be worn MULTIPLE WAYS! They can be used as a face mask, bandana, wristband, hood, hair tie, etc. printed with your images or custom logo.
Face Mask
“Protect yourself and those around you with these cute face masks.” This is not just our slogan, but also our action. By offering a variety of pre-designed face masks, Expomax is creating new chances to thrive along with our clients. In those confusing and depressing days since the breakout of Covid, tradeshow displays loses its attractiveness due to the cancellation of almost all the shows and people in this industry are striving to search for a chance to survive.


The Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer is equipped with the latest medical infrared technology and has been clinically tested for accuracy and reliability. You just need to pressing a button when you using this forehead digital thermometer,then it will provides accurate temperature instantly within 1 second.


Floor Sticker
Does your business need a clear way to maintain a healthy, preventative distance between customers in check-out lines or during curb-side order pick-up? Our social distancing floor stickers are a clear way to delineate personal boundaries and create physical space between customers in busy environments such as grocery stores, banks, shopping centers, and other essential locations.
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