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Printed Face Masks For Sale

 2020-08-31 | View:113

Printed Face Masks


Since the breakout of COVID-19, PPE items have taken the first place among all commodities. All in a sudden, face masks, hand wash/disinfecting etc. become vital important. And many companies have temporarily given up on selling their traditional commodity and turned their eyes to PPE items, starting from disposable face masks, KN95 as well as gloves, face shields.. etc. Expomax is among those companies and trying its best to catch the wave and survive the huge change.


And the printed face masks is among one of the most popular. Featured by breathable materials, customized printing full of personality, Expomax is offering a series of printed masks to accommodate different demands. Here are the two of our best selling masks.


S048 Dye-sub Printed Face Mask w./ Adjustable Ear Strap


Dye-sub printing makes sure the premium printing effect and displays your personality wherever you go. The mask has two layers and the inner layer is a hidden pocket to place filters. If you want better protection from polluted air, virus, bad weather, etc.


And you do not need to worry about the size might not fit. With the adjustable elastic ear strap, masks can be easily sized to fit your face. And we have both adult and child version available.


S083 Dye-sub Printed Face Mask w./ Adjustable Ear Strap & Nose Bridge


This is an upgraded version of S048. While keeping its advantages, it upgraded its inner layer to mesh fabric to increase the breathability. And addition of nose bridge makes it fit your face better.


Except for those two best sellings, there are a variety of other printed face masks. If you want to know more, visit our website

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