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SEG banner or lightbox has becoming more and more popular in recent display industry. The silicon edge graphics are designed to be pressed into the frame’s extrusions- which creates vivid appearance on both sides.

60 SEG light box is one of our SEG series. It can be hung on the wall as the picture frame do. But the biggest difference between them is the 60 SEG lightbox has the light bar on its back graphic. This is the most attractive point. You can also change its graphics easily without changing the frame as well. It can save you a lot of money and attractive customers' eyes. The last but not the least, it is toolfree. Which means you don't need to use the tool when you set up or take it down.

The newly released SEG lightbox is featured with a 120mm depth, surpasses the previous 80mm and 100mm versions. The increased depth makes larger sizes possible and also improves the overall stability.

Hardware of the lightbox is composed of 120mm SEG Aluminum, plastic connectors and modular light strips with Φ20mm aluminum supporting poles inside. Width of the lightbox is limited to whole meters because length of the light strip is 1 meter and to change the length will need to make new mould.

This lightbox is strongly recommended for

Power adaptor is installed on the SEG Aluminum frame and hiden from view once graphic is assembled and power can be turned on or off by a switch near the power adaptor.

Larger size up to 6 meters wide and 2.5 meters high becomes easy.

Improved packaging, flight case or wheeled oxford bag with EVA materials inside, makes transportation easier. 

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