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Harvest in September

 2020-09-11 | View:121

With a breeze of cool wind, tree leaves start to turn yellow. This is September, the nineth month of the year. September, as a season of harvest, is also universally loved by people with its stunning sceneries and comfortable weather. It signifies that summer is fading away while winter starts to breed.


In the hot summer days, most people would love to enjoy a long holiday on beaches and get their skin tanned. And the muffled hot summer air makes you dazzling and sleepy all the time. But September is different. It’s meant for harvest and its air is refreshing.


Time flies. It flips away before you are even aware of it. When Covid-19 first break out in the end of 2019, most people didn’t even pay attention to it. But later on, more and more people get infected. Things turned ugly. Exhibitions and trade shows were cancelled. Business were closed. We are advised to stay up home to keep safe. Everyone gets terrified and panic is all that’s left. Three quarters have now passed. We are getting used to face masks and social distancing. It appears that a new life style has taken place. Kids are going back to school. Businesses are re-opening. Life will go on and we will soon be welcoming another Christmas and New Year. After September the last quarter of a year will come. No more waiting. No more leisure. Pick up your steps and hurry up to work hard and get prepared for a bounty NEW YEAR.


In the end, a small poem for you. Wish all of you a happy and light-hearted September.


September Light

       ---Kiesha ShepardAir

Cool and dry

Drifts down on a breeze

Under a shade of trees

A subtle hint of change is near



A fire in the wood

To warm the chill

And ready yourself for the cold

The autumn frost will soon be here



A deep breath

Again and again

In just the same way as before. 

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