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The beauty of Chinese Autumn Season

 2020-11-02 | View:261

The coming of autumn, the world seems to be painted golden yellow! Extremely beautiful scene!

Each city's ginkgo tree is the most beautiful scenery! Today, I'd like to share with you the beauty of Ginkgo biloba in different cities of China!

Firstly,let’s come to Wuhan,Hubei Province.I believe that after this year's epidemic situation, we are certainly impressed by Wuhan and would like to visit Wuhan.Autumn in Wuhan is very short, and sometimes even directly into winter.So people especially cherish it, the wind blowing on the face warm, the sun in the body lazy, everything is so romantic and warm!



Every autumn comes, the ginkgo Avenue in Beijing is full of people, everyone is eager to feel the beauty of autumn.In late autumn, the leaves of Ginkgo biloba on Ginkgo Avenue are yellow and dreamy. Tourists seem to walk into the golden ocean.


Yunnan at this time.It's exuberant, exuberant and beautiful! There are wonderful scenes everywhere to surprise you.Yunnan has a very famous town called”Ginkgo Village”.From November to December every year,The leaves of tens of thousands of ginkgo trees turn yellow.The whole village is full of yellow leaves, soft and affectionate.It's like a world in a fairy tale! 

Autumn is a visual feast presented by nature to human beings. Every leaf is the attachment of autumn to the earth and the expectation of spring. When the leaves fall off and spend a cold winter, the trees will be full of green. Nature is like this, endless, repeated cycle, to bring human a new surprise.

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