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Merry Christmas

 2020-11-11 | View:243


Christmas also known as Christmas, translated as "Christ mass", it is derived from the ancient Romans to welcome the New Year's Saturnalism, and Christianity has nothing to do with.After Christianity became popular in the Roman Empire, the church went with the flow and incorporated this folk festival into the Christian system to celebrate the birth of Jesus.However, Christmas day is not the birth of Jesus, because the Bible does not record the date of Jesus' birth, nor mention the existence of such a holiday, is the result of The Absorption of Ancient Roman mythology by Christianity.


Most of the Catholic church will first in December 24 Christmas Eve, that is, December 25 in the early hours of the morning to hold midnight Mass, and some Christian churches will be held good news, and then in December 25 to celebrate Christmas;Another branch of Christianity, the Orthodox Church, celebrates Christmas on January 7 each year.


Christmas is also a public holiday in the Western world and many other regions.


Before Christmas, every family also prepares many Christmas present: such as Christmas card,Christmas stockings,Christmas hat,Christmas tree,Christmas window, Christmas ring.


The most famous person at Christmas is Santa Claus who rides a sleigh.Many children will install the Christmas tree at home on Christmas Eve, prepare delicious cookies and put them next to the Christmas tree.They will write down the wish or presents they want on the card. The Christmas socks and CARDS together hanging on the Christmas tree, at night Santa Claus will climb in from the chimney inside, put the presents in the Christmas socks, the next day the children can open the presents.


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