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Geodesic dome tent

 2020-11-23 | View:27

New outdoor products Launching---Geodesic dome tent

Because of the impact of the epidemic, almost everyone can only stay at home, the demand for outdoor activities is increasing, and everyone pays more attention to physical exercise and maintenance.So we've launched a model-Geodesic dome tent.

Our modern structures can be insulated against heat and cold to create a safe environment for families, tourists, and conscientious travelers. Expomax have been utilized to create small communities in remote locations and withstand some of the most severe weather.

Enjoy a luxury dome that provides an unforgettable camping experience. Our glamp domes can accommodate multiple guests and include complete bathroom. Add insulation and a skylight to enjoy the outdoors from within the dome.

Design your own, unique dome with bespoke options and accessories. Choose windows & skylights, heat & cold insulation, stove & chimney, exterior & interior colours, entrance positions, door types, curtains and more!

Minimum impact on environment, colour membranes that blend with suroundings, fabricated with certified and fire-retardant materials. All this means smooth planning permission process.

Geodesic domes are proved to be one of the most sustainable building types with very low ratio of materials to structure footprint. All raw materials used for production are 100% recyclable and we use renewable energy for manufacturing processes.






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