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Expomax outdoor umbrella

 2020-12-08 | View:127

Expomax outdoor umbrellas

Outdoor displays are the star products in our company. The series of products include pavement sign, flying banner, gazebo, umbrellas,etc. We can customize any size to meet customer demand, and let the customer's show have attraction to raise the popularity, increase the sales volume. We provide high quality services and products to improve customer satisfaction.

We have several kinds outdoor umbrella.

1. Aluminum side pole umberlla

1) Large mobility.
2) High quality and inexpensive.
3) With a cloudy cover wind, rain shelter, sunny shade of the functions of people of all ages and both sexes, is an essential daily necessities.
4) Long service life, Fabric thick utility, feel good. Excellent product quality, natural color, diversity. Umbrella supporting rod is firm, stable, high safety coefficient.
5)Suitable place: Family, leisure bar, bar, balcony, gazebo, villa, outdoor recreation area and so on

6) Size available: 2.5m x2.5m , 3m x 3m.

China outdoor umbrellas outdoor umbrellas from China

2. Roman Alu. Cantilever Umbrella

Our Umbrellas combine functionality, hard wearing aluminum and great design. Constructed from marine grade anodized aluminum and nylon components means these parasols are light weight, as well as being easy to use and transport. Pricing includes unlimited full color sublimation printing!

Size available: 2.5m x2.5m , 3m x 3m.

Roman Alu. Cantilever Umbrella 

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