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​Green Photo Booth




#1 Auto Green photo booth

No need install, green fabric installed before shipping, lift it up and it will stand with hydralic spring support.


This photography backdrop can easily be cleaned, folded and lasts a long time. Washable chromakey backdrop should be done using warm water and a gentle detergent. Washing will not result in additional shrinkage. This helps the photo background remain looking like new. If necessary, please iron the surface with steam iron but not dry iron.


It enjoys more durability than seamless paper, plus its good elasticity, soft skin, good drape, anti-wrinkle, no fading. It’s harder for a model to tear a hole in a polyester backdrop with her shoes than it’s with a paper backdrop. It’s very suitable for people who need long-term photography or use. Perfect for photo studio, home decoration, weddings, parties, newborns, product photography, live streaming, video production etc. Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung.

They are collapsible and easy for carrying and packing.

Large enough to drop behind your subject and to wrap forward under your subject to create a complete head to toe solid seamless background.




#2 Seamless tube stand photo booth

Color customable, easy to assemble, tool free.

Two solution for fabric making, use a velcro to attach to floor piece or make the front a whole piece, your choice, both works.

Besides solid color choices, we will also provide template so you can create your own designing to make the background more fun and festive for parties.

Width and height can be customized to any size to suit various space.

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