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Let's get some preparation for Christmas

 2020-11-19 | View:244

Let’s get some preparation for Christmas

Christmas is coming, it is on 25th November. On that day you will see signs of Christmas everywhere you looked. We can find Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations on the streets and in department stores, particularly in urban areas. Attendance at Christmas Eve parties and celebrations has also become more and more popular.

Many people, especially the young men, celebrate this holiday by exchanging Christmas cards & gifts, hanging some Christmas decorations at home, eating Christmas dinners, attending Christmas Eve parties, and spending time with family and friends. There is Christmas shopping too. The stores will offer discounts and coupons to attract more customers.  

Everybody like Christmas, we are now providing the Christmas decorations, like Christmas design table covers, Christmas back drop wall, Christmas hair band, gift bags, pillow case, socks and most important is the face masks. Pls see my below promotion images.



We are now having different kinds of face masks.

1. Customer design printed face mask. It is 2 layers, outside is polyester material, inside layer is cotton, with a pocket which can be insert a filter, we provide PM 2.5 filter which is 5 layers. Please see some images below, we can make different nice Christmas designs. The price for this kind of mask is $0.85/pcs. MOQ 100pcs each design.



2. Square and circle shape Christmas masks. There are 2 layers for both kind.Price is also cheap, the rectangular shape face mask is $0.8/pcs only, and the round one mask is $0.85. They are very popular now in the market.

image.png image.png


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