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The working principle of freestanding automatic soap dispenser and points to pay attention to when maintaining

 2021-04-01 | View:435

The freestanding automatic soap dispenser uses a sensing principle to automatically dispense liquid. This small device can be used in other public places such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, studies, laboratories, etc. It is a tool to help us clean our hands and is effective. To prevent disease transmission, compared with the old-fashioned absorption method, the advantages of automatic soap dispenser are more obvious and the efficiency is better.

The freestanding automatic soap dispenser has two working methods: automatic time setting and random time. In other words, when you stretch out the soap or foam, let the machine work, but the machine has a specific time. It is to prevent malicious waste. The faucet is mainly used for leisure work, with a contracted hand to stop the water. Its working principle is different from the principle of infrared automatic induction technology, but the way of receiving signals has changed.

freestanding automatic soap dispenser

The desktop automatic soap spray nozzle consists of a faucet fixed on the table, a soap bottle set under the table, a soap bottle hydraulic discharge mechanism and a pressure rod that drives the discharge mechanism. Its characteristics are: a control box is provided under the liquid outlet, and a motor and a motor drive are installed in the control box. The oscillating wheel driven by the reduction mechanism and the reduction mechanism is composed of the gear part of the pressing rod and the drive end; the gear on the output shaft of the motor meshes with the gear at the input end of the reduction mechanism; the gear part of the reduction mechanism e the rotary wheel meshes with the gear at the output end of the reduction mechanism .Precautions:

1. Non-professional maintenance personnel should not delete, repair, or modify this product, so as not to affect product performance due to maintenance errors;

2. Do not rinse the induction sanitary ware directly with water;

3. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the product shell, so as not to damage and deform the appearance of the surface;

4. Do not install the induction device in a place with high temperature or corrosive gas.

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