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Introduce parts of the pop up display 2021

 2021-04-09 | View:228

The pop-up shelf consists of a frame and a PVC graphic panel. These panels are ideal for companies that hope to stand out at trade exhibitions, events or exhibitions. The pop-up bracket has creative color and design, which can form a good background wall, wall or message board.

Although the popularity of pop-up displays continues to rise, most exhibitors do not know about their work. In this article, we explore the part that makes up the pop up display.

10ft Straight Pop Up Display

1. Frame: The pop-up display uses a foldable aluminum frame design that can be pulled up to display the wall structure. The frame can be self-locking or a lock arm that is secured together. In addition, depending on the design of the display, the frame structure can be straight or curved.

2.Struts: Struts is also known as tank steel. They are plastic or metal rods connected to the frame hub. They add support for structures and provide attachment points for graphics. The support rod includes a flat magnet surface that is fixed to the magnet surface. They can be ordered as a single unit, or the connection of three hinge rods can also be ordered.

3. Panel: The panel is also known as the skin. They contain graphs to be displayed on the pop-up display. The panel is flexible and can be secured to the front and side of the frame. Their design can also accept detachable graphs with hooks on the side. You can use multiple panels to create a single color or picture graphics. After hooked, the combined panel looks like a seamless wall or graphic. The rear edge of the panel has a flat magnet to help it get into place.

Pop Up Display for sale

4. Accessories: Accessories will have dramatic results on your monitor. They also provide flexibility in lighting, storage, and product display. Typical pop-up booths will be equipped with the following accessories:


Graphical wrap header

Removable shelf

Removable ink jet pattern

Spotlight LCD

Other accessories, such as floor, horizontal frame, director chair and brochure

5. Light: The pop-up display is connected with a spotlight. Some use special connections while others connect to the top of the pillar. The light on the pop-up display can be adjusted to accommodate different subjects and locations.

6. Package: Pop-up displays are usually shipped in packaging. These usually have wheels, usually small enough to transport through ordinary transport ships. Typically, all components of the pop-up window are suitable for packaging. This includes a frame, a rod, a panel, a lamp, and a conversion kit. In essence, this makes pop-up displays the most portable displays in today's market.

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