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SEG Light Box common problems and solutions

 2021-04-13 | View:497

SEG Light Box common problems and solutions, let us have a simple understanding:

1. Half side is bright

After plugging in the power plug, first turn on the main power switch to see if the lights are normal. If there is a phenomenon that one side is on and the other is not on, disconnect the power first, unplug the plug, and carefully check the lamp socket wires to see if the lamp is loose or not in place ; Whether the ballast input and output wires are loose, etc. If there is any abnormality, check and repair the corresponding problems.

2. No light at all

If the entire SEG Light Box does not light up, you can first check whether the leakage protector is closed, whether the wire connector in the plug is loose, whether the ballast input and output connectors are loose, etc., assuming that there is a problem, first fix the loose interface, and then Turn on the leakage protector, and finally check whether the lights are normal.

SEG Light Box

3. Leakage

Assuming that the leakage protector cannot close the potential, you need to check the power line, ballast and branch line under the lamp tube, etc., whether there is leakage, and it needs to be repaired.

4. Noise

If there is a lot of noise in the SEG Light Box, check whether the ballast is aging. If so, you can replace it with one of the same type.

5. The lamp is shining abnormally

If the SEG Light Box appears on and off, check the starter, each terminal, whether the plug is aging, whether the lamp is in place or aging, according to the actual situation, you can repair or replace the parts.

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