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How to maintain a SEG light box

 2021-03-09 | View:250

With the development of the times, the dissemination of information can be said that people are competing for things, and for people traveling to understand the most convenient form of fresh information is through a variety of to understand, it is also because of the huge reading crowd behind the SEG light box that it plays its greatest role in this era, and also makes the SEG light box visible in almost every street corner, it's just that, you know, these perennial sun-and-wind seg lightboxes also need to be maintained so that they last longer.

Although the appearance of the SEG Lightbox is very beautiful, and the advertising effect is also very good, but many people do not know that the maintenance of the SEG Lightbox is actually a very troublesome thing, eh, many businesses do not know how to maintain a seg light box after they start using it. Today, we will teach you how to properly maintain it, thus prolonging its service life.

Because they are usually exposed to the wind and the Sun all the year round, the LED lights of the SEG light box in particular need to be well maintained. The LED lights must be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, because of this environment, LED lamp life will be longer, so it will be the external structure of the SEG light box higher requirements, to do a good enough waterproof SAIKEU light box to increase the life of the SEG light box.

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In addition, the SEG light box must also be very careful when cleaning. When cleaning, the power must be cut to ensure the safety of the cleaning staff, and when cleaning must not use unknown cleaner to clean the SEG light box, this may cause the SEG light box corrosion, or damage the brightness of LED lights, causing unnecessary trouble. SEG light box only regular inspection and maintenance, in order to make it always beautiful for the enterprise publicity.

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