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Precautions for using freestanding automatic soap dispenser

 2021-03-01 | View:245

1. Non-professional repair personnel should not disassemble, repair and modify this product, so as to avoid faulty repair and affect the product function;

2. Do not rinse the induction sanitary ware directly with water;

3. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the product shell to avoid damage and deformation of the appearance surface;

4. Please do not install the induction sensor in a place with high temperature or corrosive gas.


The freestanding automatic soap dispenser has two working modes: automatic setting time and arbitrary time. That is to say, when you reach out to remove the soap or foam, and let the machine work, but the machine has a set time for work. The purpose is to effectively avoid the waste of soap or foam. The arbitrary working mode is mainly applied to the faucet to stop water from flowing out of the hand.

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