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The purpose of the trade show display design

 2021-07-27 | View:244

The trade show display design begins with the selection of the exhibition goal, the implementation of the exhibition goal, reflected in every detail of the design. Following the principle of purpose, designers should handle the following relations:

(1) Handle the relationship between exhibitors and designers well

The trade show display design requires designers not to create a work of art according to their own ideas and requires designers to use technology and creativity to reflect, display the intention, style, and image of exhibitors, to achieve the purpose and effect of exhibitors.

(2) Deal with the relationship between art and exhibition

No matter what kind of design technology, skills, no matter what kind of background (including exhibition rack, props, decoration), the protagonist is the booth and exhibits, can not overrule the guest. The trade show display content can not be subject to the technique of expression, can not highlight the design to ignore the booth, exhibits. Design is not how much money, is not in line with the artistic standards, but in the booth can reflect the image and intention of the exhibitors, can attract the attention of visitors, exhibits can reflect the characteristics and advantages.

trade show display

(3) handle the relationship between exhibition and trade well

The booth reflects the image of the exhibitors, can attract the audience and leave an impression, the exhibits can reflect the characteristics, advantages, and can facilitate the visitors to see is a successful design. If it was to promote the exhibition, the design would have served its purpose. But if it's a trade show display, the design hasn't reached its final goal. At a trade show, exhibitions are a means of conducting trade. The booth is the environment for exhibitors to carry out trade work, the booth itself is not the purpose; Similarly, exhibits are tools for exhibitors to carry out trade, and the exhibition products themselves are not the purpose.

(4) To manage the relationship between exhibition design and other exhibition work

Designers must understand that through the design for the exhibition enterprises to achieve the purpose of the exhibition environment and conditions, and may also need to coordinate with the work of publicity personnel, advertising personnel. The success of trade show display design is to help and support the success of the exhibition as a whole rather than as a part.

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