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What are the aesthetic aspects of trade show display?

 2021-08-04 | View:252

Thetrade show displaydesign shall be artistic. The artistry of trade show display design is manifested in several aspects. 

(1) The booth is attractive

The booth is attractive, pleasing to the eye, good feeling, and impressive. Booth design has many factors, the need to use artistic means to combine these factors so that it can produce the best visual effect and good psychological effect is the basic requirement of trade show display design.

 trade show display

(2) The booth reflects the image of the exhibitors and conveys the intention of the exhibitors

If the exhibitor is a large company, it cannot be designed as a street vendor; If exhibitors want to assert dominance in aviation, they cannot design it to look like a model airplane toy factory. Designers need to use concrete means to express abstract trade show display ideas.

(3) The booth can attract the attention of visitors and arouse their interest in visiting

Research shows that in a competitive, colorful environment, the audience's first look at the booth is the most important thing. That glance can make the difference between a booth attracting that audience or losing that potential customer. So, the booth should be eye-catching, it should be interesting. The first role of the booth is to attract the attention of visitors, and generate interest; The second function is to attract visitors into the booth and look closely at the exhibits. In designing work, one should pay attention to artistry, but be careful not to be flashy.

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