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The functionality of trade show display design

 2021-08-11 | View:240

The trade show display design should also be functional, designers in considering the design of the external form, image, but also need to consider the internal function, that is, to provide a good environment and conditions for the booth staff and booth work. Because the realization of the exhibition purpose ultimately depends on the booth staff, the booth staff's work efficiency ultimately determines the exhibition effect. Stand staff can work more effectively in a comfortable, functional environment.

 trade show display

There are several functions that need to be considered in trade show display design:

(1) External functions

Booth not only to trade show products, to attract customers, but also conducive to the booth staff sales, publicity, research, communication with the audience, and customer negotiations. All these jobs should have corresponding space, position, equipment, need a designer to undertake reasonable arrangements according to need and condition. Corresponding functional areas, including the inquiry area, exhibition area, reception area, negotiation area, etc. should be considered accordingly.

(2) Internal working functions

If the trade show displayscale is large, it is necessary to consider the arrangement of offices, meetings, and other venues. The corresponding area of internal work includes the office, conference room, tool room (maintenance room), and so on.

(3) Auxiliary functions

Auxiliary areas include lounges, storage rooms, etc. Good trade show display design should not only be "good-looking", but also "easy to use", and help booth staff to carry out their work, and help the exhibition to achieve its purpose.

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