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What should be considered in the custom outdoor display stand

 2021-07-23 | View:239

1. Selection of outdoor display stand materials:

The quality of the display shelves on the market now varies greatly. The display shelves processed with inferior materials have a serious impact on brand publicity and product sales. Before customizing the display shelves, brand customers should first inspect the market by themselves, and then negotiate with the outdoor display stand manufacturer about the materials used for the display shelves.2. Hand feel of materials:

Even if the materials recommended by the outdoor display stand factory, the brand owners and customers can judge the quality through a simple touch. The surface of the outdoor display stand of high quality, if it is used with bright acrylic material, the surface must be round and smooth, no burr, good feel; If it is a matte acrylic material, it must be the surface of the matte acrylic material particles uniform, no pitting on the surface. No air bubbles, and after touching, will not easily leave fingerprints or traces.

3. Outdoor display stand styles:

There are many types of outdoor display stand. It is best for users to choose the most suitable style for customization according to the nature of their products. Because the type of outdoor display stand suitable for different products is very different, we must pay attention to it in the design.

custom outdoor display stand

4. Product design:

In addition to distinguish the quality of the outdoor display stand from the raw materials and appearance, the functional design of the overall product is also one of the contents of determining the quality of an outdoor display stand. Good outdoor display stand, can fully clearly display the required content, leave a deep impression on consumers, to achieve the role of brand publicity.

5. Selection of manufacturers:

The choice of manufacturers is the key, try to choose a regular and reliable professional outdoor display stand manufacturers, not only quality assurance, novel style, beautiful and generous, and the price is more affordable, more cost-effective.

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